Invest in diversified, high-yield North American real estate fund with quarterly income and 9–10% target returns

Timbercreek Capital’s North America Mortgage Fund (TNAM) offers investors an opportunity to capitalize on the high-yield potential of the North American commercial real estate market through a highly diversified portfolio of strategically selected debt instruments.

TNAM is an open-ended fund structure, creating greater flexibility for investors. Focused on leveraging the strength and stability of both the US and Canadian commercial real estate landscapes. With 80% of the portfolio allocated to the US and the remaining 20% strategically invested in Canada.

The fund focuses on direct origination mid-market loans, short durations, secured by transitional income-producing assets in higher growth liquid markets. Aiming to capture premium yields in an underserved relationship-focused sector. With a target internal rate of return (IRR) of 9%–10% net.

The key features of TNAM include:

  • Open-ended, high-yield North American real estate debt fund
  • Highly diversified North American private commercial real estate mortgages with 80% allocated to the US and 20% to Canada
  • Focus on mid-market loans, short duration, secured by transitional income-producing assets in higher-growth liquid markets
  • US dollar-denominated with quarterly distributions
  • Target IRR of 9%–10% net

Recent Highlights

First Mortage
Student Housing
Various Markets, U.S.
4-year initial term with one extension option of 12 months
First Mortage
Houston, TX, U.S
3-year initial term with two extension options of 12 months


Executive Director, Origination – United States | Country Head