Invest in diversified, high-yield North American real estate fund with quarterly income and 9–10% target returns

Earn consistent returns in a dynamic market by taking advantage of Timbercreek Capital’s North America Mortgage Fund (TNAM). TNAM offers discerning investors an opportunity to capitalize on the high-yield potential of the North American commercial real estate market through a diversified portfolio of strategically selected debt instruments.

Unlike traditional closed-end real estate funds, TNAM boasts an open-ended structure. This translates to greater flexibility for investors. You can invest and redeem your capital on a quarterly basis, allowing you to adapt your investment strategy to changing market conditions. The fund also leverages the strength and stability of both the US and Canadian commercial real estate landscapes. With 80% of the portfolio allocated to the US and the remaining 20% strategically invested in Canada, you gain exposure to a broader market with the potential for consistent returns.

Lastly, TNAM prioritizes short-duration loans. This means the underlying mortgages have a shorter repayment period, typically ranging from two to five years. This approach enhances liquidity within the portfolio and potentially reduces exposure to long-term market fluctuations. And with a target internal rate of return (IRR) of 9%–10% net, TNAM seeks to deliver compelling returns for investors.

Seeking a well-diversified, high-yield exposure to the North American commercial real estate market? Go for TNAM’s open-ended structure. The open-ended structure, strategic focus on mid-market loans, short duration, and emphasis on transitional assets in high-growth markets offer a unique approach to generating consistent income and potentially realizing capital appreciation.

The key features of TNAM include:

  • Open-ended, high-yield North American real estate debt fund
  • Highly diversified North American private commercial real estate mortgages with 80% allocated to the US and 20% to Canada
  • Focus on mid-market loans, short duration, secured by transitional income-producing assets in higher-growth liquid markets
  • US dollar-denominated with quarterly distributions
  • Target IRR of 9%–10% net

Recent Highlights

First Mortage
Student Housing
Various Markets, U.S.
4-year initial term with one extension option of 12 months
First Mortage
Houston, TX, U.S
3-year initial term with two extension options of 12 months


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Country Head – U.S.