Timbercreek Ireland is a commercial property lender providing alternative structured financing solutions to meet unique project needs across Ireland.

Since the launch of the Ireland Fund in 2017, Timbercreek has successfully leveraged our global institutional track record of more than $15 billion of debt investments with extensive local market expertise and financing solutions. With a loyal customer group of like-minded investors and asset managers, Timbercreek has completed the financing of over 700 commercial properties in Canada, U.S. and Ireland/UK. Focusing on multi-family residential, industrial and office asset classes, we support sponsors seeking alternative investment markets with compelling opportunities.

Our sophisticated, service-oriented approach allows us to meet the unique needs of each borrower, including faster execution and more flexible terms not typically provided by traditional financing sources. This approach has allowed us to support our chosen partners business plans and unique growth objectives.

Timbercreek Ireland’s financing solutions include interest-only payments and flexible amortization customized with terms designed to meet your borrowing needs, with clearly defined exit strategies and early repayment privileges. Further highlights of what we provide include acquisitions, refinancing, repositioning/value-adds, finance development, and both bridge and mezzanine financing.

Timbercreek Real Estate Finance Ireland, Fund I

Loan size€5-€50 million

Term1 – 5 years

Typical loan-to-value ratioUp to 80%

Recent Highlights

c. €9.5m
Refinance of Senior Living Care Home and Independent Living Units
Kildare, Ireland
48 months
c. €33m
Supported acquisition and growth of Industrial portfolio including repositioning of assets to enable residential development
Dublin, Ireland
36 months
c. €32m
Funded acquisition and refit portfolio comprised of residential, retail and industrial units
Dublin, Ireland
36 months
c. €22m
Supported growth of central Dublin residential portfolio
Dublin, Ireland
48 months


Executive Director, Origination – Ireland | Country Head