In 2017, Timbercreek expanded its direct lending platform to the U.S. and added a dedicated NY-based team focused on providing the same structured financing solutions offered in Canada.

TREF-US I, a closed-end fund launched in September 2018, is designed to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns by originating and investing in real estate debt collateralized by commercial real estate located in higher growth liquid U.S. markets. The fund focuses mostly on first mortgage, shorter-term, mid-size loans, for income-producing transitional assets within the 60-80% loan-to-value (LTV) tranche.

The fund has deployed investments in multiple categories including multi-residential, office, industrial storage, retirement, and student housing. The U.S. team at Timbercreek is cycle tested with over 20 years’ experience in this market and can help you identify real estate solutions for all your investment and borrowing needs.

TREF-US I is closed to new investors as of June 30, 2020.

All securities advisory activities are carried out by a registered portfolio manager.

Timbercreek Real Estate Finance US, Fund I

Loan size$10–40MM

Term1 – 5 years

Loan-to-value ratioUp to 80%

Recent Highlights

First mortgage and mezzanine
Chicago, Illinois, US
4-year initial term with one extension option of 12 months
First mortgage
Portland, Oregon, US
4-year initial term with two extension options of 12 months each
First mortgage and mezzanine
Vica Silver Lake, Los Angeles, USA
2-year initial term with two extensions option of 6 and 12 months
First mortgage and mezzanine
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
3-5-year initial term two extensions option of 6 and 12 months respectively


Executive Director, Origination – United States | Country Head